• 125 cm3


1.046 / 5.000
Resultados de traducción
Resultado de traducción
The E125, a Gran Turismo that is positioned as the reference scooter in its segment. The E125 shares a frame and body platform with the E350, which results in great robustness and megascooter bearing. Its design is based on fluid and aerodynamic shapes that immediately convey its vocation to accommodate pilot and passenger on long-distance trips, while maintaining its ability to move on urban journeys. The front image consists of a six-focus LED multi-optic headlight along with a DRL light guide, complemented by a wrap-around windshield that is electrically height-adjustable. In addition, it includes hand guards that reduce the cold in winter and prevent impacts. It is worth highlighting that the rider's seat is raised to only 757 mm, the ergonomic adaptation through adjustable levers and handlebar adjustment in two positions, the rigidity of its fork with double stem, the complete instrument panel with TFT screen, the engine that delivers 14.6 HP and the loading capacity for two full-face helmets.


Deposit: 300€

Minimum age: 18 years

Minimum experience: 1 years

License: B (3 years) or A1