• 300 cm3


The most powerful scooter in its class (33 hp / 26 kW and 32 Nm torque at 5,500 rpm, ABSOLUTE RECORD), and with the brightest acceleration figure (0 - 100km / 7.7 sec. *).
A sporty, light, extremely agile and manageable scooter. Aesthetics with provocative, dynamic lines and as in all Zontes models with premium finishes and very complete equipment. We assure you that the M310 will not leave you indifferent.
Engine: Modern state-of-the-art engine with its own design and manufacture. Single cylinder, liquid cooled with double radiator and 4 valve cylinder head.
Electronic fuel injection; BOSCH fuel electronic fuel system
Power: The M310 has a maximum power of 33HP at 7,500rpm and a torque of 32Nm at 5,500rpm, ABSOLUTELY RECORD in its category.
Suspensions: Sturdy 115mm travel telescopic forks and 94mm travel double adjustable rear shock for comfort and safety on the move
Braking system: 260mm discs on both axles to ensure progressive and efficient braking. Tires with electronic intake control.
ABS: Bosch Front / Rear Independent Dual Channel ABS
Full LED lighting: LED lighting system for headlight, turn signals and taillight
Adjustable screen: Windshield screen with electrical adjustment in two positions from the control panel.
Digital instrumentation: Full panel through TFT Full Color LCD screen with four modes
USB: It has a USB socket for mobile devices.


Deposit: 600€

Minimum age: 18 years

Minimum experience: 1 years

License: A2,A

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