B SUPER SOCO CPX (Electrico equivalente 125)

B SUPER SOCO CPX (Electrico equivalente 125)

  • 125 cm3


Super Soco is an electric scooter with high wheels -16 and 14 ″ -, which at first glance attracts you for its aesthetics and its finishes. The tube handlebar anchor and the windshield drift screen, the passenger footpeg supports, the single-sided swingarm with cast-iron rear wheel with four easy-to-remove bolts, the seat upholstery and padding, plastics and finishes in general are of note. And its design is attractive and different; This is another quality scooter. At the command post there is a fairly wide tube handlebar, a basic, but legible and functional monochrome LCD screen instrumentation, and a very useful and well-made small windshield drift screen. It does not have expensive gadgets or Bluetooth, although it does have geolocation by SIM and app -which saves routes, maintenance history and you can check the status of the battery and do a system check-. In addition, it has an alarm with a remote control (it blocks the electric motor and a horn sounds if it is manipulated) and the scooter can be started and unlocked without inserting the key -if you don't have the steering locked-. Ergonomically it is correct, with a wide tube handlebar, a very wide and comfortable seat - located low - and a spacious flat platform, although perhaps the seat is too low with respect to the platform - slightly-


Deposit: 300€

Minimum age: 18 years

Minimum experience: 1 years

License: A1-B( 3 YEARS)

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