• 125 cm3


The Italjet Dragster 125 is one of the sportiest scooters of the moment, equipped with top-level equipment that also has a catalog of special parts to fully customize it. Aesthetically, the Dragster impresses with its racing appearance, with the exposed tubular frame using cast aluminum reinforcements. Also noteworthy is its front end equipped with a patented system -Independent Steering System (ISS)-, single arm, and with which the geometry does not vary when the suspension sinks into the brakes. This system incorporates a preload-adjustable front monoshock absorber that is anchored to the part of the single arm itself, made of aluminium. At the rear, another monoshock absorber is used like the front one and the one that is also adjustable in preload. The PAIOLI rear shock absorber, combined with the effectiveness of the I.S.S., makes the handling of the Dragster optimal and exciting.
Made in collaboration with the Pontedera EDI, the Independent Steering System separates the steering and the damping action, filtering out any roughness.n, filtering out any roughness.
With a design inspired by the world of superbikes, the Dragster is equipped with a high performance LED headlight (80,000 lumens) and sequential flashing direction indicators.ow.
Continuing with the cycle part, the Dragster uses disc brakes on both wheels, with Brembo calipers and dual-channel ABS on both wheels. The size of these are 12″ front and 13″ rear, shod with Pirelli Angel Scooter tires.
The engine of the Dragster has been developed in Italy, it is a 4-stroke engine, liquid-cooled, with double-camshaft heads and four valves. The announced power figure is 12.5 hp, while the torque is 10.5 Nm. In the accessories catalog we find a pair of Akrapovic exhausts -one destined for the circuit that increases power by 3 CV and lightens the weight by almost 3.5 kg-. Also available is a Malossi clutch kit, a Brembo kit with radial brake levers and master cylinders, Öhlins shock absorbers and a kit of carbon parts.


Deposit: 400€

Minimum age: 18 years

Minimum experience: 1 years

License: A1/B(3YEARS)

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